Props (scroll)

"Yo Man I'm feeling your beats. I've been checking out all the beats I can find on the internet and I have to say yours is the best so far. hey the beats you got are they used or are they for sell cuz I been looking for some stuff. Yo man hit me back when you get the chance. Maybe we can talk. peace"

"Hey Markus I wanted to know..well first off..let me give you a shout out and well as mad props.. I'm working on my demo outta Delaware and New York City and am lookin for some high quality HOT blazin beats and i am reelie feelin yours.. "

"i wanted to kno how much the beats "just flow" and "the one" cost for exclusive rights...i gotta give u props those are two of the hottest beats i heard u make...its some real hip hop type shit...1"

"hey was up markus man i gotta say dawg your beats are tight ill give you my props, ive been looking for some real beats, but none were good unlike yours ill be buying three beats off you - The One and Heat and Ice Cold they were tight!!!!! "

"The beats are killing me Marcus your on a next level"

"whats going on playa ight this is the deal .. one your beats are hot keep it up .. two i will be buying your beat the name is heat"

"mark whats going playa .. man i got to give you props your beats tight as shit.. that one name sunray you put your foot in that one for real .. well i want to know can i leaes that beat from you get at me playa .. and keep doing your thing"

This is Streetz dogg, Just wanna to say I check out your site and U got talent homie. Ayo, I am feelin "Just flow" hit me back on how much u talkin... pz"

"Yo i got to say your beats are hot man and i was wondering if we can talk sometime later man."

"yo man ur beats are fresh dog!! i jus started producin an damn... urs beat mine full out! imma hav 2 start uppin my game. peace yo, dmc"

"...thanks again, and keep makin them bangers!! oh and update me when you get new beats up! specially if you get more like the bounce beat! i'll talk to you soon."

"I'm a female vocalist and your bests are off da hook. I was browsing through some beats and I have to admit you out beat the catalog selection. Keep up the work man."

" the way your stuff is tight!"

"My name is Clint and I'm really feelin' your beats...I want to find out how much it is to buy a beat and have the exclusive rights...the beat I'm interested in is Just Flow"

"hey, ive been listening to some of your tunes, and i digg it, whats your price, and are you interrested in being a perm producer..."

"I'm loving that Bounce, that 1 still up for grabs or is it already gone to someone else? What about hip hop drama?"

"I just purchase the beat called "we be clubbin" and im wondering how long will it take for the download link will pop up? I really want to get into it right now .man yr sounds are really great i love them! i'll get more beats of you cheers"

...Your beats are absolutely TYGHT. I love em. Hip Hop Drama, Just Flow, and Hip Hop Jazz caught my ear. I cant stop listening to them."

"Have to say after listening to some of your beats I was impressed. I like the drama one and the luda beat..."

"Whats up Markus, We be clubbin is fire. i appreciate it. i paid through credit card and just got a verification e-mail."

"I was checking out your definitely have some heat."

"Hey I'm feeling you're material... What type of prices are you asking for bounce, hip-hop drama, laid back funk, and acid jazz hip hop?"

"eh yo ur one beat Hip Hop Drama is TOOOO tight man. its mad tight, uplifitin too, makes me wanna rhyme..."

"Hey Balla Im relly diggin your layed back funk beat dogg. Im askin how much is to buy the beat for the rights and stuff. Holla Back"


"I was listening to some of your beats and I REALLY liked them. I like the "Acid Jazz Hip Hop" beat. I was wondering if I could buy that beat. "

"Hey markus your beats are really hot!!"

"By the way Your Beats are slammin, and I like the way you have your site set up (Well organized)"

"I just searched for hip hop beats on the yahoo ... and u popped up i heard your beats and i liked em...."

"yo,markus i dont know how your doing it but your doing it the right way."

"Firstly, your beats are fuckin dope... you can really lay some shit down..."

"1st of all i must give u your props, and respect, i think your a great producer i love your tracks"

"...and i love the hip hop drama track and the track u said would be good for snoop tight i only listen to those two i was vibin to the hip hop drama track let me know whats up..."

"Hey I heard your beat, Hip Hop Drama, and I love it--4 real im feelin it--what are u askin?"

"Yo what's up..Your beats are hot!!!"

"Was searchin the net in hopes of finding some nasty beats. When I stumbled on to your page. I used to tell myself if only I could get Dre to make me some beats I'd go platinum, but now after hearing some of your custom made beats I believe your beats are what I need!

"yo wha up Markus I have to admit I am reelie feeling your beats on the site...I reelie am..I'm currently working on my demo and I'm listening to beats from alot of producers on the site."

"Ur beatz are mad hot man, I liked ur we be clubbin beat..."

I am a female rapper in cali, and i been through 2 or 3 different producer but they really didn't make kinds of beats dat i was feelin, but i listen to some of ur beats and i was really feelin what u do. So get bacc at me at aiight."

"Yo, What up my names is (xxxxx) I been makin beats for 2 years or so I was just listening to some of your beats and i was silenced by your track Hip Hop Drama and if music is what it is to me for you this shit hits the heart... and im telling you I HAVE TO have this beat!!"

"I admire your style and that bounce beat...Your beats are just the BEEEEEEESSSSSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"

"'s this one beat that I know that I want for sho called crunkage, that beat is so dope and while listening to it I made up a hook and it some crunk shit lil' jon would write fo' real"

"...Once again great work with the beats, keep it up. Now, because of your beats, Im headed to St. Louis in 2 weeks to start recording my album..."

"...n imma be lookin for ur name to appear on the cover of Scratch magazine from now on..."

"my man this is a hot ass track "I Luv It"... "

"I'm like possessed with this track (Spit The Truth).I log on everyday just to listen to it.Perfect for my flow and song. Hollabac!"

"More good work cummin from u man...i really like Gangsta Gangsta...u good...when u gon make it big???"


"oh fo-sho... and keep doing what you doing ... cause your beats hot to deff .... ! and let me know any and every time you put new ones up... cause you got that firer... i'll holla"

"...right now im just kickin some crazy shit to it (BUMP) and personally i think its an awesome beat."

"...because with your quality of beats, alot of talented artists are bound to hit it up..."


"...but i am bout to pic up that " i luv it " beat from you .. that shyt is hot"

"Let me just say that I love the beats at I've been telling my peeps about it and have heard nothing but good responses"

"Your beats are some of the best out there that I have come across...I can definatly see that you are on top of your game"

"Wassup man! First off I gotta give you mad props on ya beats cuz everyone of em is fiya no doubt......I was surfin around lookin for some beats for muh album & luckily urs were some of the first to pop up.....I was especially feelin one in was "Hip Hop Drama" how much for exclusive rights on that one? & then I wanna work out a deal wit you to make custom beats for muh album....we'd be talkin like 12 tracks..."

"...Man by the way...that beat on your custom page...Anthony 1 I believe...That the best beat i think Ive ever heard man...Keep it up..."

"Hot shit...i especially like the blaze beats keep doin what u do"

"my man this is a hot ass track 'I Luv It'... "

"...this is the place to come great beats for a good price cant get any betta"

"what up man hit me up i need some beats and i really like the one.."

"your shit is mad crazy. i own three of your beats."

"You got the skill keep up whatcha doin it sounds nice good rythm keep there heads knoddin.I was looking for some competition on the net and will see what happins in the future. (Sincerly) Master Mind = OFF DA HOOK PRODUCTIONS"

"...need some more beats from you cuz your shyt is blazin hot...we are prbly the hottest group on the reservation rite now we got our songs blazin the radio in Window Rock, AZ with the heat you produced"

"You have the tightest beats I've heard around."

"Yo man these are some of the tightest beats i've heard in a long time fo sho im currently working on a demo like some of the others that come to your site lookin for beats and i have to admit these are some of the best beats i've come across. your going places my man and thats fo sho keep up the good work man n dont b afraid to hit me back iight peace"

"First i wanna say you got sum real bangin' joints, and you can't beat your prices, i'v paid over double for beats, and yours our just as hot Sum our even hotter."

"...Everyone that has heard the "bump" beat sayed its the sickest shit they ever heard. I am always the first to recommend you to anyone looking for beats."

"The thing i respect the most about yo is the price of your beats. Your beats our just as hot (sum even hotter) then any one else, for a third of the price. For Mc's tryin' to put together a demo wit out a lot of money this is the perfect site for them to go. This is the site to go even if you got money for a demo cuz like I said your beats our just as hot or hotter then any one elses. And i would really like to THANK YOU & Good lookin'. Your new biggest fan T__. And oh ya i checked out your custom beats and yo right up there wit SHA MONEY & shhhht, your hott kidd."

"that new twista beat is hard man. just written 2 say keep up the good work fa show"

"...and good job with classic that's the best beat you've ever made"

"my man that is the one .. its a 'classic' .. as soon as i come up with a song i am getting that one from you .. thats going on the album .. its a hit for real"

"...that new beat you made HYPE is off the charts dogg that's a beatsbymarkus classic, holla at ya soon homie."

"I don't know how you do it but you all ways seem to out do your self that "ohh" joint is fire... son for real ."

"OH MY MUTHAFUCKIN GOODNESS! That new MOVE beat is straight heat! A little bit of old school feel with some new school touches."

"I decided to get Kritical. That beat is on fire!"

"i really like the beat crunked"

"...keep it raw beat i am feelin that one... "

"I especially like the "Victory" track..."

"Yo I'm feelin ya beats, especially the trumpet on Victory....Raw shit"

"Really feeling that victory and alright beat..."

"There's a beat called murderous you have!!!!!! Im lovin that sound..."

"...that Rise Up iz tha sikness. "


"Yo Markus! I'm really feelin your beat murderous "

" for ya life, the one and hip hop drama really caught my ears"

"Man! you are a * genius b! markus I love this one!"

"That Doom beat is hot Kidd! Keep doing ya thang!"

"blud im feelin run 4 ya life how much... "


"WOW!!!! that shit is hot!! for real burn and rump shaker..."

"we gotta have dat Rumpshaker beat asap we got a hit 4 da already!"

"HEy man we like that southern slapp joint"

"SLAM is fucking sick!"

"Your a fuckin genius homie"

"keep up the good work G, your beats are just as good as pharell, timbaland and all them cats who charge mad dollars for a beat. "

"I even starting writing and expressing how I feel about the world and life with the slam beat, strange it gravitates me bro!"

"that new beat (DEAD HOMIES) is hot son i like ur old one to alright is the name of it i sit here every day and ride to ur beats lost every thing else this week at least u git my back wit a new beat"

"Yo wuttup Marku$, dogg that beat dead homie$ is real, that's the perfect good-bye $ong for my boy D.J. XXXX. That beat touched my heart man, I be hollin at ya dogg"

"damn my nigga dat dead homies shit is real i got the goosebumps listening to dat shit R.I.P. my dead homies my dead brothers R.I.P. all our lost love ones we aint forgot yall keep up the good work 100"